5 Response-Worthy Email Templates for Internships, Jobs and Expert Advice


Tired of sending out job-related emails and coming back to an empty inbox?

Instead of getting frustrated, try these handy email templates, designed to help you craft clever, concise and reply-worthy communication.

The Professional Goods Package is a 10-page PDF that includes 5 templates to use when:

  • You just really, really want the job
  • You've found a great company, but they aren't hiring
  • Your experience isn't the best fit for the position, but damnit, you're going to apply anyway!
  • It's time to shine up your LinkedIn profile with a few fab recommendations
  • You're desperate for some mentorship/advice from that person you're obsessed with

$2 from each purchase goes to benefit Write Girl, an amaze-towns non-profit that empower girls through one-on-one mentoring and monthly creative writing workshops from professional women writers. Nice!

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